Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More spidey-talk

Bruce came into the copy room while I was in there, and I decided to have a little fun.

Bruce: Hi Silent, what's going on?

Me: Not much. How's your spider?

Bruce (lauging): I haven't looked at him in days.

Me (taking a cue from Mr. RingofFire): You know..... you should have the spider and the scorpion fight each other.

Bruce: I've thought of that, actually. But it wouldn't be much of a fight.

Me: Why?

Bruce: Well the scorpion has armor, claws AND a stinger. The spider doesn't have armor. It's fangs wouldn't be able to pierce the scorpion's armor- the scorpion would kill it instantly... and then eat it.

Me: Your spider's a wuss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!! A suggestion actually passed through the comment board and into the real world of Pele!!!!

Now we have to find out what if we gave the spider body-armor or perhaps bound up the scorpion's stinger to make things more even... or perhaps I've gone too far....

NAH! Blindfold the scorpion! That's the ticket! Yeah!!! ;)

Mr. Wrestling Ring of Fire

2:12 PM  

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