Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Simple minds

My boss has redeemed herself (somewhat). After telling me yesterday afternoon around 4pm that corporate needs a specific report and needs it today, I was less than thrilled with her time management skills- especially after seeing the email she forwarded me was originally sent to her two weeks ago. So, I’ve been a little grumbly. However, the phone calls I just had with her have wiped the slate almost clean.

Me: Hello, this is SilentWitness.

My boss: I am so bored!!!

Me: Um… where are you? Hi, by the way.

My boss: I’m in the middle of nowhere in an empty industrial building.

Me: What are you doing in an empty industrial building?

My boss: I’m working an open house with CheapSkate and OtherBroker. I have to greet the brokers when they arrive, and walk them down this long maze to bring them into the open house.

Me: Oooh, sounds like fun.

My boss: I’ve been watching this bug crawling around on the floor…

Me: Wow, you must be bored.

My boss: I’m thinking of getting some hoops or something and training it to do tricks.

Me: Put something in front of it and see if it climbs over it.

My boss: Oooh! Here comes some brokers! Gotta go!

I resumed working on the report she threw at me last night, and a few minutes later the phone rang again.

Me: Hello, this is SilentWitness.

My boss: I stepped on it!!!!

Me: What?

My boss: I stepped on the bug by accident! I knew that was going to happen!

Me: Oh no!

My boss: I was leading the brokers down the hall and when I stepped I heard *crunch*… and I thought that can’t be good.

Me: Now what are you going to do, that was your only friend! (I love to egg her on) You have to find another bug!

My boss: I’ve been looking for one!!! (I should have known) All I found was a dead moth with one wing. So now there’s a dead moth and a dead bug in here. [pause] I think I’ll go outside. There has to be something out there.

Me: Yeah, find a caterpillar or something.

My boss: Oh yeah!!! They’re out now! Maybe I can find one of those big fuzzy ones. Bye!

And I’m still sitting here working on this report. What’s wrong with this picture???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey- at least you have a boss. On a team of 6, we're down to 2 people. Ugh!

Mr. Ring of Fire

10:46 AM  

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