Friday, June 02, 2006

Bring me a shrubbery

My boss has been working with the plant service, to get some more plants in the office and pretty it up a little. We had several plants in the old space, but this space is bigger (and more corporate) and needs more plants. For some reason she is insisting on an orange tree for the balcony outside her window. Nevermind that an orange tree won't survive the winter... she'll just bring it inside!

The other day, one of the property managers (who uses the same plant service for the buildings they manage) was in her office and they were discussing what plants should go where. I was minding my own business, but remember there is a window in the wall between our offices, so we can communicate.

blah blah blah, plant conversation... then suddenly:

MyBoss: SilentWitness needs a bush!!!

Me: Excuse me?!

PropertyManager (rolling her eyes): Ok, a shrub. Why does everyone have a dirty mind?

MyBoss: Bush, shrub, same thing.

PropertyManager: Actually they're different but I always have to say "shrub" because everyone has the same reaction you do.

...and off they went back to their boring plant conversation. Fast forward a day or two, when I was feeling punchy.

Me: So... why exactly do I need a bush?

MyBoss (smirking): Because I heard you don't have one.

And I think I'll leave that right there. But I just had to share.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll leaf it right there too.

heh heh heh punny. :D

Mr. Ring of Fire

11:52 AM  

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