Thursday, June 22, 2006

You don't have to be nuts to work here...

It's late in the afternoon. I'm punchy because I have tomorrow off (yay!). PartnerInCrime is punchy because his brain is fried and he's drinking wine. (Which he got from me, which is in my file cabinet because my boss and I bought some small bottles of Sutter Home one day when we couldn't take it anymore. We only drink the classy stuff). We'd been having a pretty decent "therapy session", when one of the brokers stopped by. This guy is an older gent, pretty distinguished, and a major pain in the ass most of the time. But he's one of those older distinguished gents who has a stealth sense of humor.

Gent: So.... where's the committee headed to?

Me: The committee is headed to the nuthouse.

PartnerInCrime: I'm not part of any committee.

Gent: The nuthouse? It's only 4:30. Hey..... We should open a bar/restaurant and call it "The Nuthouse".

Me: Hey that's a great idea.

Gent: We can throw elephant nuts all over the floor...

Me: Elephant nuts?

Gent: Yeah, you know, like at the baseball games.

Me: "Elephant nuts"??? Don't you mean peanuts?

Gent: Oh yeah...

Me: I don't think you want elephant nuts on the floor of your restaurant.

Gent looks at me for a minute, then what I'm saying suddenly dawns on him and he starts laughing.

Gent: SilentWitness, I'm surprised at you!!! You have a dirty mind!

He starts to walk away, then sticks his head back in the door and says...

Gent: You know, Silent, that was a pretty ballsy thing to say.

Poor PartnerInCrime got wine on his shirt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed in all of you! No one even breathes the mention of elephantitus of the nuts! tsk tsk tsk.. I expected more of you, SW.

Mr. Ring of Fire

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

6:19 AM  

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